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Listed below are job descriptions for all of the different volunteer opportunities – before, during and after the Christmas Store opens. And signing up is easy! All you need to do is click on the “Sign Up!” picture below. This will take you to all the signup sheets we’ve created for the 2019 Summerfield Christmas Store. Just click on the “Volunteer Opportunities” signup sheet and follow the directions.

Questions about Volunteering…

What do I do on the day of the event?
It’s very important that you go to the Volunteer Room to check-in when you arrive. There will be someone there to assist you, train you and get you to your assigned spot. At the end of your shift, please go back to the Volunteer Room to check out.

Will there be a place to leave my personal items?
Yes, there will be a place to leave your things, but it won’t be monitored at all times, so you may want to lock your valuables up in your car or leave them at home.

How old do you need to be to volunteer?
Volunteers should be in the 9th grade or older. This is a change made in 2017 and is our attempt to allow for more privacy for our shopping families.

But I’d really like my son or daughter to be a part of this event…
They can be! Our Youth Sort Night on Sunday, December 8 is open to youth from partnering churches in the 6th grade and higher. They will sort all the gifts we’ve received and get them ready to be placed in the store. And we can use all the help we can get to set everything up! PLEASE NOTE…this is for the youth groups of our partnering churches only. 

Is childcare provided for volunteers?
Unfortunately, childcare is not available for volunteers, and you cannot have your children with you while you are volunteering.

Is there anything else that I should know?
We have reached maximum capacity for families being served at this year’s store. That means that parking will be limited the day the store opens. If you are with a group or know someone that is volunteering during the same shift as you, please consider carpooling.

Volunteer Opportunities

Set Up/Clean Up
Before the Christmas Store opens, help prepare the store to receive shoppers. When the store closes, you will help box up leftover merchandise and place it in storage, take down tables and decorations and clean up as needed.  

Check-In/Check-Out Shoppers
Your job will be to greet shoppers and make them feel welcome. You’ll explain how the shopping process works and introduce them to their Personal Shopper. When they are finished, they will also check out through you. You will be in an area near the outside door where families will come in and go out, so you may need a jacket/sweater.

Greet and Direct Store Volunteers
Your job will be to check-in store volunteers, verify the jobs that they are assigned to and let them know where they need to go and what they will be doing.

Store Workers
We need volunteers to help keep the store neat and assist shoppers with finding correct sizes.

Assist Photographer
We will have a photographer taking family portraits, and he will need an assistant to help gather information from the families, as well as to help pose them.

Translate for Shopping Guests
There may be some shopping guests who do not speak English well, so you will help translate for them. Spanish is the main language needed. If you are available to translate for our families, please contact us at:  info@summerfieldchristmasstore.com

Personal Shopper
Your job will be to guide shopping guests through the Christmas Store and help parents select items for their children. This is a wonderful way to interact with guest families!

Refreshment Area
Parents will enjoy refreshments while they are waiting for their items to be gift wrapped. Volunteers here will help keep the refreshment area stocked and clean.

Prayer Team
You will be available for any family member who requests prayer. This volunteer opportunity is for adults comfortable praying with others and being a confidential listener.

Reindeer Runner
You will guide shopping families through check in, children’s activities, and family photos. When they are done shopping and their gifts are wrapped, you will help them carry their gifts to their vehicles and go with them to pick up their children.

Wrap Gifts
You will wrap toys and place other items in gift bags, applying the correct name tag to each item.

Children’s Area
There are many different ways to help in the children’s area: check-in/check-out, helping with snack time or their craft, music, leading children from center to center, etc.

We need volunteers to work in the nursery, providing care and entertainment for babies and toddlers age 2 and under. This opportunity is for volunteers who love caring for little ones. Teens may volunteer to work in the nursery, but there must be at least one adult volunteer during each shift.

**Please note that the nursery is only provided for the families we serve, not for children of volunteers.