When exactly will the store be open?
Good question! The store is open for only one day each year. This year, it will open on Saturday, December 11, 2021 at 9:00am. Exact ending time will depend on how many families we end up serving, but it should be around 4:00pm.

How can I be one of the families that is able to shop in the Christmas Store?
Participating families were chosen through an application process. Unfortunately, if you did not receive and fill out an application, you cannot participate.

I’d like to help, but I don’t know where to start…
Because we are running things differently in 2021 due to the pandemic volunteer options are less as we must practice social distancing.

There are so many ways that you can be a part of the 2019 Summerfield Christmas Store! The best place to start is the Volunteer page. This is the page that lists all the volunteer positions. If you can’t volunteer but still want to help, you can make a monetary donation by clicking on the Donation page. You can also sign up to donate items like wrapping paper, gift bags, craft items, food, drinks, etc. If you still have questions or need more information, please e-mail us at info@summerfieldchristmasstore.com.

I’m not sure if my entire church wants to participate. Can I volunteer as an individual?
Yes, of course you can, and we’d love to have you! Simply sign up on the Volunteer page.

I want to volunteer, but I’m afraid that it might be too fast-paced or physical for me.
No worries about that! We have jobs for everyone, including some where you’ll sit for the majority of your shift. If you need more information about which position would work best for you, please e-mail us at info@summerfieldchristmasstore.com.

How long is each shift?
Each shift is between 2-3 hours long, but you can choose to work longer if you’d like. Our shifts are: 8:30-11am, 11am-2pm and 2-4pm

Is childcare provided for volunteers?
Unfortunately, childcare is not available for volunteers, and you cannot have your children with you while you are volunteering.

As a volunteer, what should I do when I arrive at the store the day it opens?
It’s very important that you check-in in the Volunteer Room. There will be someone there to assist you, train you and get you to your assigned spot. Please also go back to the Volunteer Room to check-out at the end of your shift.

This sounds like a great project for our Youth Group to get involved in!
It definitely is! We will have a Youth Sort Night beginning at 6:00-8:00pm on Sunday, December 8. This is when the youth will sort all the gifts we’ve received and get them ready to be placed in the store. The plan is to begin with a pizza dinner, then take care of the sorting. After the sorting is complete, the youth will enjoy a little fun and fellowship.

Where will the store be located?
The 2021 Summerfield Christmas Store will be hosted by Summerfield Peace United Methodist Church, located at 2334 Scalesville Road, Summerfield, NC 27358. For directions, please click here.

How is the Christmas Store stocked? 
The store is stocked by many local churches and area businesses. You can read more about this on the Partners page. 

All donations made to the Summerfield Christmas Store are tax-deductible. The Tax ID for Summerfield Peace United Methodist Church is 82-3762939. Click here for a copy of our tax-exempt letter.

Do you have a flyer or brochure with more details that I can take to my church or business?
We do! Please click here to download it or contact us at info@summerfieldchristmasstore.com and we’ll print and mail it to you.